Top 5 Best Way To Send Money From Nigeria

Best Way To Send Money From Nigeria

Online money transfer is not something new especially among Nigerians who have families, friends or business partners outside the country. If you belong to any one of these categories, then chances are that you’ve probably received money from overseas before.

Along the same line, you may also need to send money outside the country, and it could be for loved ones, business or any other thing.

Today, we are going to look at the top 5 best way to send money from Nigeria to US and other countries.


5 Best Way to Send Money Abroad From Nigeria

International money transfer from Nigeria to other countries is regarded as Outbound Money Transfer or OMT for short.

One of the major challenges you’re likely to face when choosing a website to transfer money abroad is the reliability of the service. And this is understandable since you don’t want your money to get caught up in the wind.

In order to help you overcome this challenge, we’ve come up with the top 5 best way to send money from Nigeria.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve straight in.


Western Union

Western union is, without doubt, the oldest method to send money from Nigeria to USA or any other country abroad. And even though more payment options are now becoming available to Nigerians, it still remains one of the most popular and secure ways to send money abroad from Nigeria.

Presently, the company has over 5,000 outlets in the country. These outlets work with several local banks, which compromises of both commercial and microfinance banks.

Interestingly, most of these outlets now function fully as OMT agents in lieu of the CBN directive.

To use the Western Union Money Transfer, you can either visit any one of their outlets or licensed banks. You will be given some forms to fill which will include details of the recipient’s name, bank details, location, as well as the naira sum you want to transfer. You will also be required to provide a means of identification.

The naira sum you are sending will be converted by the outlet to the corresponding destination currency based on the existing forex exchange rates.

First Bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, and GTB are some registered commercial banks where you can easily do Western Union money transfer.

It is important to note that western union money transfers usually include charges borne by the sender. Also, you can only send to individuals. Business transactions are not allowed.



Another payment platform that operates in a very similar way to Western Union is MoneyGram. You can send money from Nigeria to UK and other countries abroad.

MoneyGram is an international payment solution that allows you to send money outside Nigeria. They’ve been around for a long time, and position as one of the most reliable payment platforms on the net. So you can trust them with your money.

The company operates in more than 200 countries (Nigeria inclusive) with offices in more 300, 000 thousand locations.

Luckily MoneyGram has partnered with many Nigerian banks. This allows you to send money abroad from Nigeria through your local bank as long as they are a partner.

As earlier indicated, the process of transferring money with MoneyGram is very similar to that of Western Union. All you have to do is visit your local bank, fill out some forms, and provide some useful information about the transfer, such as the name and bank details of the recipient, as well as the amount you want to send.

After that, the bank will take care of converting your money (naira) to the destination currency depending on the existing exchange rates. Most of the time, this is usually in dollars.

You should be notified once the transfer has been made. This usually takes a few days depending on the bank.


Here comes my favorite and without doubts one of the best way to send money from Nigeria – Payoneer.

Without wanting to sound bias, Payoneer is one of the biggest global payment platforms available in many countries. You can send money from Nigeria to Ghana, US, UK, South Africa, and so on.

In fact, many people who are not able to use PayPal due to restrictions often turn to Payoneer. So you could say Payoneer is a very good alternative to Paypal especially for processing international payments. But then this article is about sending money online rather than receiving money.

Payoneer usually provides a prepaid MasterCard which you can use to make payments online and also withdraw in your local currency (which is naira in this case). As someone who has used both Payoneer and PayPal, I would say PayPal is better as they offer higher conversion rates, so they are generally cheaper to use.

Recently, Payoneer added the option to link withdraw funds to your local bank, which usually takes two to seven days depending on when you make the transaction.

I have been using Payoneer for a couple of years now both for sending and receiving money. And I must say I find them very secure. I have never had any issues with them. Just that I wish their conversion rates could be higher. I would probably opt for PayPal if they didn’t offer a one-way service to Nigerians.

That said, both Payoneer and Paypal are great options for sending money online. You should be fine with anyone of them.



Another secure payment platform for sending money abroad online from Nigeria is Neteller.

Like PayPal, Neteller is one of the largest global money transfer service available today. And they are operative in more than 200 countries.

You can send money from Nigeria to US, UK, Canada, China, Dubai, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, and so many more.



PayPal is arguably the largest payment platform on the global scope. They are used by both individuals and businesses across the world to make payments for services and goods.

Apart from their huge customer network, they are also one of the most secure payment gateways online, which makes them arguably the best way to send money from Nigeria to other countries.

Generally, users are to send money to loved ones and also receive from them.

Unfortunately, for Nigerians, it’s a one-way service. You only get to send money abroad. But you can’t receive money.

Although this might be frustrating for some people, that is just how PayPal is (at least for the moment). They go the extra mile to prevent fraudulent transactions on their site even if it means shutting them out.

In fact, Nigerians were not allowed to use the platform for years, but in the past years, some of the restrictions were lifted and now we can now send payment to other countries. The good thing about using PayPal is that it is very secure. So you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

Hopefully, in the coming years, Nigerians will be allowed to receive payment too.

That said, there’s still a way to go about receiving money with PayPal, but I guess that’s a topic for another day.


In Conclusion

These are the various ways you can send money from Nigeria to USA, Ghana, South Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Canada, UAE, London UK, China, Dubai, Saudi, or any country in the world without stress or being afraid of being scam by someone who you don’t know.

Let us know if you have used any one of these payment providers before. Also, feel free to share your own thoughts on which platform you think is the best way to send money from Nigeria.




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