5 Content Writing Tips: How to Get to the Point Clearer & Faster

Looking for content writing tips you can apply to improve your work?

There’s nothing more annoying than a piece of content that is poorly executed. You can easily identify such write-ups by just reading a few lines.

Poor writing overburdens the reader. It features words and ideas that are not needed, often complicating things. Such write-ups tend to be longer than necessary, using a lot incorrect grammar forms and structure.

Such writing is usually “wordy”, making so much “noise” and confusing the reader. It hides the simplicity of the message and makes understanding very difficult.

Unfortunately, the internet is clustered with this kind of writing. And for many online businesses, this can be a big problem.

content writing tips

Writing is the core tool for marketing online. It is used almost everywhere – websites, emails and social media – to market products or services.

Bad writing can ruin a company’s marketing effort and prevent readers from getting the intended message. This is why it’s extremely important for online businesses to get it right in the type and quality of content they serve to the public.

Sometimes you may need to contract your writing to a good content writing service just to make sure you get the best type of content. But before you do that, it’s still a good idea you know how to execute a good content yourself.

5 Top Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Whether you have a blog, small business or large corporation, the following content writing tips will help you deliver your marketing messages the kind of simplicity and clarity users crave for:

Focus on simplicity

Yeah, you heard that right. There’s nothing more important in online writing than developing something that visitors can relate with. And the key to creating such content is keeping things simple.

You must strive to create content that are clear and simple, as these form the basis of good writing.

Whether you’re creating a blog post or a promotional content to market a new product or service, your readers should never battle with thoughts to understand what you’re saying. This is bad very for business!

Regardless of your perceived audience, you should be able to write something that even a grade schooler can understand. To do this you must try everything you can to avoid using a lot of garbage as this discourages readers from staying longer with the content.

Don’t forget that the internet is filled with many similar websites, products, services and what have you. Writing without clarity and simplicity can drive visitors away and affect sales.

On the other hand, you can incredibly boost sales and generate leads by serving your audience with the type of content they are looking for. Even more, good writing is great for SEO.

Use short sentences

Another useful content writing tips for beginners lies in the use of short clear sentences.

The key to writing clear and simple content is using short sentences.

Short sentences work because they are “short” and easy to understand.

You must understand that when people search for things online, they are usually in hurry to find what they are looking for.

Using long sentences can make an idea that is supposed to be plain and simple to become complex and confusing. In this case, the reader struggles to understand what is being said.

Thus strive to make your sentences as short as possible and make sure each one conveys a simple thought.

Adopt a framework

Most beginners don’t know this one.

Even though you want to write with simplicity and clarity, sometimes it can be difficult for the writing to flow as you want.

What do you do in this case?

Simple – adopt a framework.

The framework should ideally contain the main ideas of the topic or subject you want to write about. Once you are able to develop your main ideas, you can start working around them.

The best way to create a framework that works is to put yourself in the position of a reader. This way you will be able to identify the problems faster and come up with the solution.

Most content writing agency use this method especially when crafting sales related copies.

Developing a workable framework is one of the most effective content writing tips for beginners. It will definitely improve your writing.

Focus on the reader

A common mistake often made by inexperienced writers is drawing the reader’s attention away from the actual content to themselves. In other words, instead of talking about what the reader can derive from using a particular product or service, they tend to focus more on themselves.

The funniest part is that you may not even realize you’re doing this until you start seeing a lot of “We” or “I” in the article instead of “You”.

Edit more than once

You may not realize there’s a lot of “noise” in your writing until you actually go through the final piece.

So don’t always be in a hurry to sign out after the final draft. Edit repeatedly until you remove all the fluff.

It may help to read your work out load. This will help you identify useless ideas earlier and faster.


Final words

In conclusion, always strive to entertain your audience with your writing. And the easiest way to achieve this is to write with much simplicity and clarity. Go straight to the point and avoid boring your readers.

By applying the content writing tips above, you should see a noticeable improvement in your writing.

Taking a good content writing course could also prove very useful.

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