How to Find Cheap Flights Tickets Online in Nigeria

One of the main challenges air travelers encounter when trying to spend on a budget is searching for cheap flight tickets online or finding those low-cost airlines that have them.

Formerly flight booking is done offline, either through airline booking office or through a booking agent, all these are now things of the part but with your smart device having internet, you can easily book your flight either through the airline portal, online booking sites, and the other E-platforms.

However, if your flight is kind of expensive, you may probably cancel that flight due to the huge amount of money involved. These had made air travelers to be alert on how to get cheaper flights tickets.

Often there’re airline companies that due slashed their plane tickets in order to stand better in the market either through promotion, airline advertisement and sometimes the slashing may be an error from the fee of the published ticket.

With a lot of competition in the aviation industry, we have been able to discover where and steps to find low cost airlines with the cheapest flights tickets without falling into the hands of fraudsters.

Let delve into the steps that will guide you on how to find cheap air tickets online in Nigeria no matter where you want to go in the world.

How to Find Cheap Flights Tickets Online

Ignore the myths (How to Find Cheap Flights Tickets)

Gone are those days when people still believed trash that one can easily get plane tickets for cheap trips, funny enough most websites till post this bandwagon information that will mislead users and make them to pay more for their flight.

Take note, most of this information is 100% not true:

  • It is NOT cheaper to buy plane tickets on any particular day of the week
  • Even though you search that doesn’t guarantee you of getting cheap first-class flights
  • Booking cheap flights have no specific period of time
  • Predicting the fare of airlines is impossible

These old tricks don’t work anymore and never fall prey to all these false sites because they don’t know what they are saying.

Airlines companies make use of advanced technology that uses pricing algorithms to determine the prices of their airline fare which is based on the time of the year, passengers demand, weather, major events/festivals, time of the day, competitor prices, and many more.


Be flexible with your travel dates and times

You just have to be flexible when traveling because plane tickets prices vary greatly depending on the days of the week, time of year, upcoming special holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, school vacation, and many others.

In order not to spend more on flight tickets avoid all these special days, most people tend to observed these days which will push up the flight fee. For instance, if you decided to visit New York with your family try booked when fewer people tend to travel to that place because it will be cheaper during that period.

From tradition, most people tend to travel more on weekends which have make airlines operators to skyrocket their price, therefore it more advisable to fly during the middle of the week. In addition, flight fee tends to be cheaper after major holidays or during early-morning or late-night because fewer people want to travel then (who want to wake up early or get home very late?)

Be flexible, because the difference of one dollar to your bank can really make a difference. Airlines are too wise, hiking of airfare has been a norm to then during special times like festivals, holidays, major sports events, school resumption, and others.

Be flexible with your destinations

Flexibility is one key trait I will advise travelers to imbibe, but if you can’t be flexible when you want to travel, at least be flexible with where you want to travel to. Believe me; you will save more money in both respects.

Search engines in most airlines have made it easy and simple to search the entire globe on where to get cheap air tickets saving you the strength of manual searching. Search engine, such as Kayak have a tool like “Explore” which enable to get any destinations from your home airport to any part of the world.

Google search is another good search engine that is even better, if you’re flexible and want to travel to anywhere in the world, used this tool to figure out where to go, these are the steps on how to use Google search engine:

Step 1: Go to Google Flights and click the map:
Step 2: Put in your dates and home airport and enjoy all your options! 🙂
Travelers do observed changes in prices in some destination when traveling which make them more flexible on which routes to take in order to get the best offer.


Fly budget carriers

Old travelers will never forget how difficult and expensive to travel between continents. Gone are those days, modern travel system now has “Budget airlines” which are now in charge of many long-distance journeys, making it easy and simple to travel to any part of the world for a very little amount of money.

Airline operators like Norwegian Airlines allow one to travel between Europe and Bangkok for as low as $250 dollars each way. Some Airlines cost as little as $99 to fly to Iceland and Europe from United State. Another Airline that offers crazy cheap trips is AirAsia for those around Asia and Australia. In addition, we have Indian and Middle Eastern Airlines that are very cheap and meant for users that fly within the subcontinent and Africa. All these Airlines will guide you to have a budget-friendly air journey.

Here is a list of the biggest low-cost airlines in the world:


United States




New Zealand

If you’re not too conversant with the destination, visit the official website of the destination airport so get the best budget airlines, because the budget airline is cheaper and you can save more than “the major” though budget air come with a little challenge like perks

However, be careful when dealing with the budget airline due to their additional charge fees for bags, carry-ons, printing your boarding pass, using a credit card, and anything else they can get away with, make sure you add up the cost of the plane ticket and the fees to ensure that the price is lower than a charge carrier.


Don’t always fly direct

Frequent travelers will testify how cheaper is it to be flexible with the date, destination, and route when traveling by air. Often, it’s far cheaper to fly to London and take a budget airline to Amsterdam than flying straight to Amsterdam.

Taking good advantage of many of these budget airlines around the world is a good deal to start when looking for a cheaper Airfare in order to save more cash in your bank. I can remember one of my travel experiences, I discovered that flying direct to Paris will cost be $900 USD, but I could fly to Dublin for $600 USD and then get a direct flight to Paris for $60 USD, which imply more fly time but saving $240 worth it.

You can do it, by using a flight search engine like Google Flight. Find out how much it will cost you when you fly directly to your destination then compare it when using an alternative route, the prices of nearby airports. Then find the difference in the prices, at times the difference may be more the $150 depending on your flexibility.

Another good flight search engine is Airwander, the site allows you to see stopovers and compares the prices unlike Google Flight Search Engine, the site also shows a lot of budget airlines for you.

When embarking on a journey using budget airlines make sure you strategized well, using all these routes, in case something went wrong, because getting the next flight can be difficult for you because your second airline won’t care you were late since they didn’t fly you in the first place.

Though this method requires a lot of work and time because you have to find out many different routes and check the different airlines, make sure when connecting you add more time to your journey. However, you’ll save more for your bank.


Remember not all search engines are equal

Sometimes I do advise travelers the need to search on multiple websites so that you’ll get all the necessary information before traveling. Most search engines avoid listing budget Airline because most often those carriers don’t comply with their rule and regulation, they don’t like paying booking commission while some search engines are not used to non-English Airline.

It’s very difficult to find budget airlines like AirAsia, Ryanair on most of these large sites like Kayak, Expedia, or Orbitz. Also, some U.S. Booking tends to avoid most of these obscure foreign Airlines that you see on international sites like Skyscanner or Momondo.

Generally, not all search engines are perfect; all have their pros and cons. I have few search engines that give good deals, and the sites are listed below:

  • Momondo – Ranks as my best flights site, they search for most airline and website in the globe and you sure of picking 92% cheaper flight often
  • Google Flights – Great search engine that enable you to see prices of multiple destinations
  • Skyscanner – Place second best  flights booking site after Momondo, which searches for many places in the globe and their site is user friendly

When searching the Momondo site is a wise decision to start with because it searches all major and budget airline, non-English websites, and anything you’re looking for because they vet all the sites, they’re connected, so that you’ll know their criteria or conditions.

Most travelers make use of the Momondo search engine because they have the most comprehensive booking sites when compared to others and you can get cheaper airfare as low as 90%, though don’t ignore other search engines, they’re also good, Momondo should be your starting point.


Take advantage of student discounts

This is another opportunity to look out for, if you’re a student or below age 26, there’re many airfares that have discounts available for students. You can easily get a 20-30% discount from standard fare. You can easily find that on some travel agencies like STA Travel or Flight Centre can help you out, in getting cheap trips. Don’t neglect them!


Mix and Match Airlines

It’s good to mix and match plane tickets by booking different airlines which will help you get the best flights deal possible. Often I find out that most of the booking websites make use of the same airline for my ticket.

While you’re booking Airrik Airline you can as well go ahead to book Air Peace Airline, in case you are stuck with the price any of the airline charge you can opt to the cheaper one. Therefore, mixing and matching airlines often can save you money and ensured the flight tips line up. I often love doing this on the following site:

Use Points and Miles

I often advise most frequent travelers to sign up for an airline reward program. The Airline rewards programs offer free flights, free upgrades, and free companion tickets. I love the US-based airlines because they have great partnerships with many airlines and you can easily earn more miles when you make use of them.

Even though you fly Singapore Airlines, you can still earn US Airlines miles because they’re partner also Air France also partner with US Airline.

If you really want to earn more miles, often make used of credit cards to sign up for bonus, online shopping, surveys, special offers, and many more. I personally earn a lot of million miles a year without disturbing my bank which had translated to more free flight, most often business class for myself and my family.

Searching, on how to travel around the globe for cheap or even free. Here are some articles on travel hacking that can help:


 Keep an Eye for Special Deals

I know most people don’t like their mailbox to chucked up, but by signing up in most of these search engines you would be able to receive emails or updates on all their special deals happening, this is a perfect way to get cheap first-class flights, business or economy.

Often these cheaper flights are only available within 24hrs and users are not conversant in checking their site, you might miss out on many great deals.

My friend was planning to travel to Japan, I can remember when we are chatting and he told me that, thank God I came across a cheaper flight for $700 USD which normally costs $1,500, making me save $500 for my friend. Apart from the emails they frequently offer flier bonuses and those opportunities have gotten me a free business-class ticket.

These three search engines are the best to stay on top of travel deals:


Search ticket prices as one person

To avoid spending more when traveling in a group, don’t look for or buy multiple tickets in a single purchase. Often most Airline show large price in a group of tickets. For instance, for a family of four, when searching for four seats, the airline will charge the four seats together at an exorbitant price.

For example, if seat A is $200, seat B and C are $300 while seat D is $ 400, the airline will price those seats as $400 per person instead of summing the separate seat per person. However, you can still select seats where you and your family can sit together.


Look for tickets in other currencies

For those with a strong currency, this is another great opportunity you can search for airfare in other countries where their currency is weak. One good example, the US dollar is stronger than the New Zealand dollar.

It better to book a flight from the US to New Zealand, when I search flight fee from Australia to NYC I found it was $1,000 USD but on the New Zealand version of the airline, I discovered the same ticket sold for $600 USD. Which happens to be the same airline, same flight, and same booking class. Thought it was booked in a different currency.

Sometimes this tip does not always work well, but it works often enough that it’s something worth trying provided your currency is currently doing well. In doing this try to use a no-foreign-transaction-fee card to avoid paying a surcharge.


Book early, but not too early

I have noticed that the fares of airlines tend to be too high at the point of departure, though there’re cases when the fares begin to drop or increase based on the conditions around that time. Before you embark on any journey don’t wait till the last second but don’t book too far in advance. 6-8 weeks before departure is better to book your flight or during special season book around three months before your departure.



For novice finding cheap air tickets and a comfortable airline may prove abortive. However, with the information provided, I have no doubt you will find the whole process a lot easier. Remember, in addition to going for cheap, it’s also important you avoid a crappy low cost airline. I’m sure you will do just fine following the guide above. Happy flying!

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