In a country where unemployment seems to be bloating and there seems to be no clear plan of government to end the streak, getting a dream job may sound like mission impossible.

But even as unattainable as it seems, the opportunities are still there even though they are very few. As a result most people end up taking up jobs they never imagined for themselves. A large chunk of these people don’t like their work but still manage to get by just to pay the bills.

Wishing for a better life and doing nothing about it will only leave you feeling more frustrated. If you really want a find a dream job in a country like Nigeria, then you’ve got to work for it.

Your degree is necessary, but it’s not enough! There are thousands of youths with similar qualification. It’s more about putting yourself where you need to be – a kind of repositioning.

Admittedly, it won’t be an easy path, but trust me, you can get closer by applying the following tips.

land a dream job | find a dream job

Define Your Goals

Without knowing what you want, it would be very difficult to figure out the path you need to take to get to your dream job. This initial step is required before you start tweaking your resume or combing through various job sites.

With so many jobs looking alike and different, it can be quite difficult figuring you what you really want. You don’t want to get caught in the crowd or you have a great chance of repeating the same mistake again.

It is one thing to be qualified for the job, it’s another thing to really “want” the job. You want something that matches your interests and syncs with career goals.

Don’t go for a job because of prestige.  You’ve got to love what you do. That’s the only way you will get a job won’t see as work.

Build your network

Sometimes what you know might not be enough to get you where you want to be, but your ability to meet and reach out to the right people.

Networking is extremely important, especially if you are planning to get into a new field. Meeting the right people can make the process of finding your dream job a whole lot easier.

Leverage social media to create connections and make a name for yourself in the domain you’re looking to. Use every opportunity that comes your way to put yourself out there.

Show off your knowledge and personality, and let the right people find you. You will never get the chance to rise by incubating yourself.  We all need each other.

There are many people who are already where you want to go. This is why you also need to attend events and workshops. You can never tell where an offer will come from.

Don’t make money your top most priority

Focusing more on money can becloud your judgment and make you forget what you’re really looking for. Money is not the main goal but success and happiness. But the good thing about success is that it attracts affluence. So why worry too much about the money?

Though most people might not realize it, but the common bait employers use to trap people and hold them back from pursuing their dreams is a fat pay check. Many dreams go unfulfilled while many roles are not properly played.

Don’t get it wrong – money is important – but it shouldn’t be your primary motivation for taking up a job. It is very easy to lose sight of what you want when you focus too much on salary. This is why it’s important to define your goals at the beginning.

Go for your passion! Find a job that will sustain your lifestyle even if it doesn’t leave you with a fat pay check at the end of every month. You will definitely end up happier and more fulfilled. And guess what,  you will eventually get the money!

land a dream job | find a dream job

Don’t be scared by the Job requirements

One of the mistakes job seekers make when applying to jobs is focus too much on the job requirements. You are bound to come across openings with a lot of skills or experience you may not have at the time of you application. Instead of allowing these requirements to deter you, go ahead and apply, especially if you sense a potential opportunity in the job.

As long as you have the basic requirements for a job and have the confidence to do well if given the opportunity, nothing should stop you from applying. The worse things that can happen is for your application to be rejected, which is something that is bound to happen to every job seeker.

You want a job that will give you the opportunity to grow and achieve your goals.  There’s no use applying to a job you’re overly qualified for. You are less likely to grow in such a role.

However, when you see a potential opportunity for a dream job in any listings, don’t fail to apply even if you don’t have all that it takes according to the requirements. Start seeing some of these things as a starting point and you won’t let a potential opportunity elude you.

For instance if a job description says you need a bachelor’s degree, go ahead and apply even if you’ve got an Associate and some skills. If it says you need 5 years experience, still apply even if you’ve got 1 or none at all.

In the same manner,  if a job says you need to possess 7 particular skills, don’t be afraid to still apply if you only possesses 4 of those. It’s all about your enthusiasm and ability to convince potential employers that you have what it takes to do well when given the opportunity. But first, prepare well for your interview.

Optimize your resume

This is very important if you want to and any serious work. Your resume should be written in such a way that it matches exactly what the company is looking for.

Sometimes, resumes are read by robots before they get to interviewers or recruiters. In this case, it is very easy for your application to be dumped if it’s not hitting the right keyword.

So make sure your resume is organized and tailored to the needs of the job you’re applying to. Proofread every dots to make sure the most important key words are spelt correctly.

Don’t always be in a hurry to throw a CV at every job or you risk getting spammed.


To wrap it all up

Changing your career or job can be a tough decision to make. But by taking the right steps you can get closer to your dreams.

The tips discussed above will definitely help in positioning you for your dream job or career. Do let us know if you have any more questions.

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